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christmas 2009 poster
The bus shelter nativity painting, by the artist Andrew Gadd.

The ChurchAds.Net Christmas campaign for 2009 will have three elements: a bus stop poster, radio ads and downloadable materials for use in local churches.


From September, churches will be able to buy (for 100) their local bus stop advertising space for the campaign poster. The poster will be displayed for two weeks in the run-up to Christmas. The 2009 poster will feature a painting by Andrew Gadd of the nativity set in a bus stop. The poster was piloted in 2008 and received an endorsement from the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Radio ads

Churches will also be able to buy space on radio stations for the specially produced radio ads. The radio ads will be released in September.


Churches will shortly be able to download, free of charge from this website, resources including small posters, graphics for service sheets and web material, all designed to help churches grow their congregations.

Please check back here closer to September for further news about the 2009 campaign.